Saturday, June 9, 2012

politically perplexing place

what are friends? what are presidents?  we are all on our flying agendas what is anything?
the dali would probably say compassion...cornel would look under the carpet for justice,
bill maher would make us laugh at the ridiculousness, rachel maddow spar with words till
you finally get it then show us kindness..... a few days later after reading this draft im just now remembering
my state of mind,  1. scott walker bought wisconsin  2.  do women republicans vote against the ledbetter
act, or equal pay for women?  3. does everyone think by voting for romney they too will make money,
the guy is going to kill our environment and doesnt care if you see a penny.  it all makes me despondent
not to mention  seriously i dont care for marriage what does it mean but same sex partners money is good
enough to pay taxes (they dont ask if your gay when taking taxes from you) so why cant the rights be extended
for same sex couples for social security, hospital visitation, at least in this day and age they have some jobs offering health care for domestic partners, dont get me started on health care. man the state of mind is back
i quickly had to add a picture of my cat cooking white bean kale tomato stew for dinner, that should lighten
the conversation,   but damn i cant help it