Thursday, June 30, 2011

another great documentary

well here we watched dear america letters from vietnam havent seen it in awhile, the letters the music, the images leave a lot on you... feel compelled to do some work from it, im sure it goes hand in hand with wars in general like the other documentary restrepo way different style but never the less you find similiar questions cropping up like 'why are we here?' since then if im not mistaken the co director of restrepo was recently killed while covering the libyan civil war.

Friday, June 10, 2011

ebb and flowing

well heres a work in progress its already changing but thats what im enjoying
other night went with some friends to kindkreme vegan ice cream well
the kale/lime/coconut was a hit with me. now this is how nature is from my last post
i would talk to the mom mourning dove everyday, she seemed so sweet but nature can be
cruel the baby who got pretty big fell out of the nest i was heartbroken to say the least...
but on a positive story on a road i travel very frequently found an ol labrador just hobbling along
only to meet a couple with as much drive as me to help it from the streets, it had a pink dooney/burke collar on after knocking on many doors we found the little ol lady owner with an outfit to match 'sassy's' collar. so a happy ending somewhere in the world... choppy choppy