Saturday, April 28, 2012

crazy life Alina Szapocznikow

went to this show at the hammer, unbelievable, when i talk about it, it sounds like when a person is compelled
to tell you of their dream and nothing makes sense and you check out of the conversation....but this show makes you feel many feelings from moved to sad to what are we doing to exuberance of putting yourself into work (i guess this is the dream part)  the stuff is so personal you feel almost sick, below are her own words

"My gesture is aimed at the human body, this 'entirely erogenic sphere', with its undefined and ephemeral feelings - celebrating its impermanence in the recesses of our body, in the traces of our steps taken on his earth. Through casts of a human body, I attempt to preserve in translucent polystyrene the ephemeral moments of life, its paradoxes and its absurdity. (...) I am convinced that among all of the manifestations of impermanence, the human body is the most fragile, the only source of all joy, of all pain and of all truth, and this is thanks to its ontological poverty, which is as inevitable as it is - at the level of consciousness - absolutely unacceptable".

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

nancy monk show

went to see nancy's show on saturday, really loved the body of work she's endless...

at the after party saw a cool welded sculpture, only to find out she made that years

ago, didnt know of her welding skills you can see it in the photo if you cant make it to santa monica, her whole show can be seen

Monday, April 2, 2012

good things and 1 puzzling horrific

communication is or good things saw patti smith interview on sunday morning, (i learned her enthusiasm is contagious) she just plugs away with spirit. then i kept the janeane garofalo live in seattle in my netflix for awhile,( i loved the larry sanders show) anyway laughed my ass off

that was a relief. worked on a couple new paintings, saw a bird i just cant identify.

lastly a thing that just can put me in a sad confused state, now i know you've all seen it, on the freeway a truck carrying animals to be slaughtered, my heart just breaks, not to mention angry that i cant help them...