Thursday, October 28, 2010

show in burbank nov 2010

i enjoyed working on the piece im contributing to this show and it brought me to memories of rozz, i just miss his sense of humor
which when you see photos of him all deathed out you just wouldnt know it. the guy putting the show on makes handmade limited edition books check them out

well everything else seems good for now made candles ate good food kissed the cats

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

banksy sweatshop simpsons episode

hopefully everyone got to see this simpsons intro to moneybart
you gotta love that they let banksy get in there with
sweatshop images and thankfully he added animals
being treated like crap because they shouldnt be forgotten
with the dolphin hunt continuing in japan, it was great how he
used the cut off head of a dolphin and its tounge to seal the shipped box
of merchandise. lot of mixed sentences but seeing the documentary the
cove is painful/and inspiring of how people can be amazing, trying to stop the
dolphin slaughter in japan.